Responding to a call for proposals from a centre of excellence


Information about calls for proposals from centres of excellence can be found at the Walloon centres site :

We invite project leaders and partners to check the internal agenda of their centre regarding the submission of their project contribution.

An administrative committee has been created to implement the policy of the centres. This is a one-stop-shop for any initiative pertaining to centres of excellence. This administrative committee is responsible for:

  • the operational monitoring of the policy of the centres;
  • the assessment of the centres;
  • the monitoring and control of the centres' operational committees.

The administrative committee is the preferred point of contact for any questions for Walloon region administrations. It can respond to questions of any kind, including those pertaining to research, investments, training, etc.

Key points

  • The partner commitment form must be signed electronically in the personal area
  • In case of non-labeling of your project by the Walloon Government, the means of appeal are explained in the document included in the section "Useful document" below.

In detail

Target audience – details

Any entity (company, research centre, institution, etc.) which wants to take part in a call for proposals from a centre of excellence.

  • The projects must be coordinated by a company. An R&D project will only be eligible if it involves at least two companies (including one SME) and two distinct research institutions (a university laboratory and/or a research centre and/or a technical college).
  • These projects must be innovative, have an international scope and create business and employment in the Walloon region. They will belong to one or more of the following categories; research and development partnership project, investment project (collective or otherwise), training project. In addition, they must correspond to the strategy of the relevant centre.
  • Three calls for proposals (research, training, investment) are launched each year. If you have an idea for a project, you must send a letter of intent to the relevant centre for your theme. It will help you to develop your idea until the project is submitted for approval by the Walloon Government.
  • The partner-commitment form must be signed electronically in the personal area.
  • If your project is not approved by the Walloon Government, your appeal options are outlined in the document found in the “Useful documents” section.

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