German-Speaking Community of Belgium

The youngest federal entity in Belgium, the German-Speaking Community of Belgium is an integral part of Wallonia, just like the French and Flemish communities. It has two separate parts: the Eupen region in the north, which extends to the Netherlands and comprises the municipalities of Kelmis, Lontzen, Raeren and Eupen and Belgian Eifel in the south, which joins the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and comprises the municipalities of Bütgen-bach, Büllingen, Amel, Saint-Vith and Burg-Reuland.

The German-Speaking Community of Belgium has political autonomy, within the framework of the community remit.

Its remits include personal matters (treatment in healthcare institutions and, outside these, health prevention and assistance for certain categories of individuals: disabled people, immigrants, youth protection), cultural matters (the protection and promotion of the language, fine arts, cultural heritage, the media, libraries, tourism, youth politics and ongoing training, sports and leisure) and education.

In addition, it benefits from the transfer of authority from the Walloon region: the protection of monuments and sites, employment policy, administrative authority over the nine German-speaking municipalities and their policy areas, the general funding of the municipalities, funerals and burials, church building, establishments in charge of secular affairs and recognised religions, energy, housing and regional development.

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