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Portal purposes

The portal is a guide for searching for information about the various Walloon public services' policies and services. The portal offers you quick and easy access to information from the Walloon regional authorities that is available on the Internet. This website is managed by the External communications department of the Public service of Wallonia. Any question or suggestion about it may be sent to The information on the portal or the Walloon public services' websites is general in nature, unless explicitly stipulated otherwise. Therefore, it does not refer to specific or personal situations, and cannot be considered as legal, professional or personal advice for the user. If you need personal or specific advice, you must consult the relevant departments within the regional authority. To help you find the relevant person or service within the authority, please refer to the information contained in the ‘Contacts' section of this portal.

Legal information - Usage conditions for the website

Use of this website is subject to compliance with the general conditions described below. By accessing this website, you declare that you have read and accepted these general usage conditions without any reservations.

Quality of information and the service - Limitation of liability

We take the greatest care when managing this site. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided. This information may be edited without prior notice. Consequently, we decline any liability for the use of the content on this website. With respect to information and documents which are officially published, only texts that are published in the Moniteur belge. are valid. Hypertext links on the website, which direct users to other websites, do not incur our liability in terms of the content of these websites.

Intellectual property rights 

The texts, formatting, illustrations and any other elements of the website are protected by copyright, or, for databases, by a specific right. All of these elements are the property of the Walloon region or, where applicable, a third party from which the Walloon region has obtained the necessary authorisations. Unless stipulated otherwise, the text information or figures on the website can be used free of charge, provided that the source is cited, and only for a use that is not for commercial or advertising purposes. However, any reproduction of this information for commercial or advertising purposes, as well as any forms of use or reproduction of other website elements, such as the graphic design, images, sounds or computer applications, are strictly prohibited without prior authorisation. Any request regarding this subject must be sent to

Création of hyperlinks to the website 

We authorise the creation of surface links, which direct users to the website home page or any other page in full, without prior authorisation. However, using any techniques to include all, or part, of the portal in a website, by masking the exact origin of the information, even in part, or creating confusion about the origin of the information, such as framing or in-lining, requires written authorisation. Any request regarding this subject must be sent to