Applying for an investment allowance (SME or large company)


You perform activities as an individual or legal entity and you want to invest in the Walloon territory. If your company performs an eligible activity and is planning eligible investments, Wallonia may grant you an investment allowance and an exemption from property tax. The aid granted varies, depending on:

  • the size of the company;
  • the location of the investment;
  • the potential for job creation;
  • the focus of the activity;
  • the aid scheme for which you applied.

In addition to assistance with traditional investments, specific assistance may be granted to companies investing in environmental protection and sustainable energy use. Assistance for CNG and LNG engines for heavy vehicles is in force from 13 May 2019.

Some assistance is also co-financed by the European Union as part of FEDER (for SMEs and, under certain conditions, for location and job creation) and FEADER or FEAMP (see explanatory note).

Please note that large companies can only request "traditional” assistance for an investment in a new economic activity in a development zone.

When a company satisfies the required criteria, it may submit its application for approval to start to the administration; however, this must occur before any investment is made.

Key points

Please note that you may only start the first commitments related to the investments (purchase orders, etc.) after submitting a simplified file to the administration.

However, you are advised to wait until you receive approval to start, so that you have confirmation that the basic criteria have been satisfied.

  • You must start the investment programme within six months of the first application and complete it within four years of this date.
  • You must maintain and use the investments for the established purposes, and under the established conditions, for a further five years after the programme's end date.

In detail

Target audience – details

Large companies (LC) and SMEs


The company first submits the form prior to the intervention application online. It will then receive confirmation of receipt, which also confirms whether the application is admissible or not. The company will then complete the intervention application form. This document, which provides detailed information about the investment programme, will help the administration to analyse the application.

The date on which the initial application is sent to the administration is important: this is the date from which the works corresponding to the programme may start.

The start of the works is defined as the start of the construction works linked to the investment, that is, the first legally binding order for equipment, or any other commitment, that makes the investment irreversible, depending on which event occurs first.

The supporting documents that must be provided by the user are detailed in the application form and the explanatory notes.

Appeal procedures and details for the Ombudsman are always provided if the assistance is refused.

There are no costs associated with applying for the assistance.

Every effort is made to process applications within a reasonable period, which may vary depending on the potential complexity of the file and the opinions required to assess the allowance and the available budget of the assistance scheme.

If no response is received from the competent authority, you can contact the administration directly.

All applications for assistance must be completed in French.


To receive this assistance, you must satisfy all the following criteria as a minimum:

  • have or create a business unit (site, place of business, branch, etc.) in the Walloon region;
  • perform an activity that is included in the list of admissible activity sectors;
  • present an admissible investment programme that achieves the established thresholds: these thresholds vary, depending on the size of the company and the composition of your share capital;
  • submit your application before making the first firm commitments regarding the investments (purchase orders, etc.) and indicate the percentage of assistance required by the project;
  • not be a company experiencing difficulty.


  • A new FEDER 2014–2020 programme has been approved, comprising investment assistance for SMEs that are investing in development zones.
  • Please note that you may only start the first commitments related to the investments (purchase orders, etc.) after submitting this simplified file to the administration.


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Generic SME letter
081/33.42.00 For small and medium businesses - Available by phone 9 am–12 pm
Generic letter Investment programme department
081/33.37.25 for large companies and FEDER aid – 081/33.37.60 for assistance that aims to encourage environmental protection or sustainable energy use - 081/33.37.33 for any questions concerning the submission of applications – Available by phone 9 am–12 pm
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