Applying for an allowance for alternative modes of transport


Wallonia may grant an investment allowance to develop the use of alternative transport (rail/road and waterway/road).

This allowance is used to partially finance:

  • the development of the necessary infrastructure and facilities for transshipment (multi-modal quays);
  • transshipment equipment and intermodal loading and unloading systems (cranes, gantry cranes).

The application for the allowance must be submitted using the form below BEFORE the start of the investment programme. The attachments that must be provided and the supporting documents required for the file are listed on the form.

Key points

  1. You must submit a ‘data sheet prior to the intervention request’ before starting the first commitments related to the investments (purchase order, etc). You are also advised to wait until you receive approval to start, so that you have confirmation that the basic criteria have been satisfied.
  2. You must file a request for a ‘Company passport before completing the intervention application form.
  3. You must start the investment programme within six months of the application and complete it within four years of this date.
  4. You must maintain and use the investment for the established purposes, and under the established conditions, for five years after the programme is finalised.

In detail

Target audience – details

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large companies (LC)


You will find the various steps to take to validate your case file below:

  • You must submit a data sheet prior to the intervention request. You will then receive confirmation of receipt, which also confirms whether the application is admissible or not.

The date on which the data sheet is sent to the administration is important: this is the date from which the works corresponding to the programme may start. The start of the works is defined as the start of the construction works linked to the investment, that is, the first legally binding order for equipment, or any other commitment, that makes the investment irreversible, depending on which event occurs first.

  • You must submit an application for a ‘Company passport’ before completing the intervention application form.

Your application for a ‘Company passport’ must be completed via an online form available via ‘My Space’. When you are validating the request, you receive acknowledgement of receipt by email with a reference number.

  • You must complete the intervention application form no later than six months from the authorisation date to begin. You indicate the reference number or the decision number of the ‘Company passport’ on it.

The supporting documents that must be provided by the user are detailed in the application form and the explanatory notes.

Appeal procedures are always provided if the assistance is refused. There are no costs associated with applying for the assistance.

Every effort is made to process applications within a reasonable period, which may vary depending on the potential complexity of the case file, requests for additional information and, where necessary, requests for the opinions required to assess the allowance and the available budget of the assistance scheme.

You may contact the Administration directly for help with your administrative processes.

All applications for assistance must be completed in French or German.

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