Obtaining a Company passport


  • You are a company (natural or legal person);
  • Your company owns, or is creating, a business unit in Wallonia;
  • You want to receive an investment allowance.

=> You must obtain a valid ‘Company passport'.

This document, which determines the category of your company, is issued by the Reference Centre in the Public Service of Wallonia - Economy, Employment, Research (SPW EER).

Key points

  • This procedure applies exclusively to investment allowances for which the application for authorisation to begin an investment programme was submitted to the administration after 8 December 2020.
  • Any data communicated to the Reference Centre is subject to a sworn statement that engages that liability of the company.

In detail

Target audience – details

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME) and large companies (LC)


Your application for a ‘Company passport’ must be submitted via an online form available via ‘My Space’.

If you are unable to find your company in the Professional Space, then you must perform the initial configuration procedure first. You will find information about the procedure in the ‘Useful documents’ tab of this procedure.

The administrator (or their proxy) must have the following documents and information:

  • their identity card and PIN code;
  • a copy of the proxy granted to the manager of the application, where applicable;
  • the BCE ID number for the applicant company;
  • an organisational chart for the group that shows all of the company’s holdings and shareholders, expressed as a number of shares and percentage of voting rights;
  • the main activity and BCE ID number for each company included in the organisational chart;
  • data concerning the staff (ETP) and the financial amounts (turnover and balance sheet total) for the last three completed fiscal years for each company included in the organisational chart.

If the company has not yet completed a fiscal year, please provide provisional data concerning the staff (ETP) and financial amounts (turnover and balance sheet total) for the first three years of operation. In this specific case, you must attach a financial plan.

You must provide consolidated accounts, if these exist.

The submission of the application can take a few minutes or significantly longer, depending on your situation. At the end of the procedure, you will receive a copy of the form (in PDF format) submitted to the Reference Centre, as well as confirmation of receipt via email. The Reference Centre shall process your application. The reference number, which must be mentioned in the final form, is found in the box at the bottom of each page of the ‘Company passport’ form.

Every effort is made to process applications within a reasonable period, which may vary depending on the potential complexity of the file and, where applicable, the opinions required to assess the allowance.

Appeal procedures and details for the Ombudsman are always provided in the email about the decision. There are no costs associated with submitting the application.

You may contact the Administration directly for help with your administrative processes.

All applications must be completed in French or German.


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