The Parliament

The Parliament of Wallonia comprises 75 members of parliament, who are elected by the Walloon population every five years by universal suffrage, in accordance with the proportional-representation system. The last elections took place on 26 May 2019.

It has two main functions:

  • as a legislative body, it discusses and votes on decrees and may take the initiative to draft them. Once voted on, decrees will be sanctioned and promulgated by the Walloon government;
  • as an executive body, it audits the Walloon government, which is accountable to it. This audit is carried out by voting on budgets and accounts, motions of confidence or no confidence, interpellations and parliamentary question sessions.

The Parliament of Wallonia website

Square Arthur Masson 6
5012 Namur
Téléphone :
081 23 10 36
Fax :
081 23 12 20
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