Selling/buying/leasing – Obtaining an EPB Certificate


The EPBC indicates the energy performance of a building using several indicators (energy class, primary energy consumption, renewable energy, CO2, etc.) and contains recommendations for improvement. This document is valid for a maximum of ten years and is drawn up by an approved professional (see below for the list of approved professionals).
Anyone who is selling or leasing a property must have an EPBC, in order to allow the potential buyer or lessee to be informed of the building's energy performance. Any sale or leasing advertisement must mention the performance indicators from the EPBC.


In detail


The applicable calculation method evaluates the performance of the building’s enclosure (thermal insulation) and systems (heating, sanitary hot water, ventilation, etc.).
•    For EXISTING buildings (application for planning permit PRIOR to 1 May 2010):
the EPBC is drafted by an approved EPBC auditor, who must be appointed by the owner to collect the necessary data during a visit to the building
Today, only EXISTING RESIDENTIAL buildings (single-family dwellings, apartments and other accommodation) are certified, with the tools required for the certification being developed for other existing buildings (offices, services, shops, etc.) More info
•    For the EPBC for NEW buildings (application for planning permit AFTER 1 May 2010):
The EPBC is drafted by the approved EPBC manager, who is appointed by the construction manager to ensure compliance with energy-performance requirements.
Today, only new SINGLE-FAMILY DWELLINGS and APARTMENTS are certified, with the tools required for the certification being developed for other existing buildings (other accommodations, offices, services, shops, etc.). More info

The EPB certificate is not required when the building is acquired with a view to being demolished (under certain conditions).


Before the sale or leasing, the owner must have the certificate:
•    from an approved EPBC auditor, in the case of existing buildings
•    from an approved EPBC manager, in the case of the building-construction process



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