Requesting information about traffic conditions (traffic, roadworks, accidents, congestion, etc.)


Located at the heart of the motorway network, in Daussoulx, close to Namur, the PEREX centre monitors traffic and ensures the continuous operation of electronic and telecommunications equipment.

Thanks to its traffic-management system, the PEREX centre collects data that is then analysed and processed. This allows it to manage the various events that occur. The data comes from:

  • electronic sensors that are installed along the network; traffic cameras, weather stations, fog detectors, etc.;
  • contact with different partners: motorway districts, the Federal Police, users, similar centres in Belgium and neighbouring European countries, etc.

Information on traffic conditions.

The PEREX centre houses the MOBILINFO department of the RTBF. Together, these two operators inform the general public about traffic conditions in real time, via several channels:

To report a traffic problem: 0800/48.400

The following should be reported:

  • the type of incident: phantom driver, accident, roadworks, broken-down vehicle, etc.;
  • the road where the incident is located and the direction of the traffic;
  • the exact location with the mile marker, if possible (add link to numbering of national roads + motorways);
  • the consequences of the incident: number of lanes obstructed, length and/or duration of the back-up, number of vehicles involved, presence (or absence) of the emergency services, etc.

In terms of roadworks in particular, the Wallonia Infrastructure Plan 2016–2019 dedicates €565 million to the renewal of motorways and regional roads and to the restoration of structures (bridges). This Infrastructure Plan follows the 2010–2015 Roads Plan.

The plan covers more than 270 sites: renewal of the road surface, improved safety, restoration of bridges, etc.

These sites are managed jointly by SPW Mobility and Infrastructure and SOFICO for the network structure (strategic motorways and national roads), and by SPW Mobility and Infrastructure alone for the non-structural network.

Information about ongoing roadworks is available at

This site offers:

  • an interactive map that displays roadworks and resulting traffic issues in real time;
  • a list of all ongoing roadworks, indicating, in each case, information about the nature of the roadworks, their effect on traffic, and the start and end dates for said roadworks.


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