Register as a transporter, collector, broker or dealer of non-hazardous waste


In Wallonia, only a person registered with the administration can transport and collect non-hazardous waste. This registration is issued by the SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (SPW ARNE), and more specifically the Soil and Waste Department (DSD).

Our goal? To preserve human health and the environment.

Registration of professionals

The requirement applies only to activities carried out in a professional capacity. Throughout your registration, you must comply with a series of obligations (see the "Conditions" section below)

If you are transporting non-hazardous waste yourself, you must be registered as a waste transporter, in addition to your registration as a collector, dealer or broker. If you use a subcontractor for transportation, the subcontractor must also be registered.

What is non-hazardous waste?

  • Household waste and similar
  • Class B1 hospital waste: non-infectious waste from care units, consultations, medical-technical services and waste from medical laboratories
  • Inert waste (e.g. earth, mortar, brick, cement, concrete, tiles, flat glass)
  • Non-hazardous industrial and agricultural waste


To register, please complete the online form. See the complete procedure below.

In detail

Target audience – details
  • Transporter of non-hazardous waste: natural or legal person that transports waste by road, inland waterway or rail on a professional basis
  • Collector of non-hazardous waste: any company that collects waste on a professional basis.


In this approach, waste brokers and traders are equivalent to waste collectors.



  • To take measures to avoid any danger to human health and damage to the environment
  • To ensure that waste is only sent to appropriate and authorised collection, pre-processing, disposal or recovery facilities
  • To encode the declarations necessary for the movement of waste and for the subsidiary tax during the period of registration

You can apply for registration as a non-hazardous waste transporter or collector in Wallonia using the online form on "My Space" (see "Online form" section below).
Registration is free. The application can be made in French, German, Dutch or English.  


  • Your application: complete the online form (see "Online form" section below)
  • Within 30 days of receiving your application, the Walloon administration checks whether the application submitted contains the necessary information and documents
    • If the application is incomplete: the administration indicates any additional documents or information required
    • When the application is complete: the administration will register the applicant. A registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt is sent to you to inform you of this registration


This registration is renewable and is issued for a period of 5 years. Submit your renewal request one month before the expiry of the current registration.


Apart from any legal proceedings, failure to comply with the obligations will result in the cancellation of your registration.


An appeal may be lodged with the Supreme Administrative Court of Belgium.

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