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As part of its programme to promote, disseminate and develop research, the Walloon region provides financial support for certain activities that aim to popularise science and technology, the development of scientific culture and the promotion of education and careers in these fields.

In detail

Target audience – details

Any legal entity with a business unit in Wallonia may submit an application.



Any legal entity with a business unit in Wallonia.

Eligibility criteria:

In addition to being submitted by a legal entity with a business unit in Wallonia and the completeness of the application, the project must satisfy the following criteria in order to be eligible:

  • Its main aim must be to disseminate scientific or technical knowledge;
  • It should not be exclusively for experts.

Assessment criteria:

The assessment of the project is based on:

  • The quality of the presentation and the writing of the application;
  • The quality of the staff, in particular in terms of qualifications and professional experience, as well as the quality of the scientific, technical and functional supervision for the project;
  • The background of the sponsor in the field in question;
  • The appropriateness of the resources with respect to the project;
  • The anticipated impact on the target audience;
  • The potential for the project to be developed and expanded to other context;
  • The quality of a potential partnership with a stakeholder who disseminates in the scientific and technical sectors;
  • originality in terms of theme and approach;
  • the approach of the project (interactive and multidisciplinary, combating inequality, respect for the environment, etc.);
  • the financial package, in the event that multiple sources of funding are present.

The main categories of expenses that may be covered by the subsidy include:

  • personnel costs concerning individuals bound to the sponsor by an employment or temporary contract, insofar as they are assigned to the project;
  • the cost of the tools and equipment needed for the project;
  • the cost of expert services, or equivalent, that are used exclusively for the project;
  • additional overhead costs incurred directly as a result of the project;
  • other operating costs, in particular, the cost of materials, supplies and similar products, which are incurred directly as a result of the project;
  • the costs needed to advertise the project.

A table with headings presenting the expenses that are covered and not covered in detail is available for download below (see the guide to eligible expenses).


The extent of the subsidy, which is expressed as a percentage of eligible expenses, amounts to a maximum of 80%. The portion that is not covered by the subsidy is funded, in particular, by any income stemming from the project, other public or private interventions and by contributions in kind valued at market price.


The application is submitted via an electronic form on the ONTIME platform.

If the decision is in your favour and the budgetary credits are available, an agreement between the Walloon region and the project leader is concluded for the popularisation project in the fields of science, research and innovation. This specifies the rights and obligations of each of the parties.


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