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Property tax is a regional tax on real estate located in the Walloon region.

Property tax is calculated based on cadastral income, as established by the federal administration.

You will receive a payment notice (notice of tax assessment) for withholding tax during the second half of the year. 

The amount of property tax owed to the Walloon region is 1.25% of the indexed cadastral income. The provinces and municipalities may establish fees in addition to the property tax.

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Property tax is owed by the owner, holder, leaseholder, superficiary or usufructuary of a taxable property by 1 January of the tax period.


1) Property-tax deductions can also be requested 

  • for modest homes
  • for disabled dependants.

2) If a property is unoccupied, or real estate, equipment or tools are non-productive or destroyed, a proportional property-tax deduction may be requested. 

3) Property tax exemptions pertain to:

  • buildings that are used for non-profit activities (places of worship, education, hospitals, etc.);
  • buildings that have been allocated by foreign states for their diplomatic or consular missions or non-profit cultural institutions (subject to reciprocity);
  • real estate that is deemed national estates;
  • equipment and tools with a cadastral income less than €795;
  • equipment and tools that are acquired or incorporated as new in the territory of the Walloon region, starting from 1 January 2006; nature or forest reserves;
  • Natura 2000 sites;
  • certain organisations that are exempt under special laws or decrees; companies that are in receipt of an investment allowance from the Walloon region (temporary exemption).

In principal, those who are entitled to an exemption are not sent a payment notice.



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