Co-funding aid – Producing a financial report for research and development and innovation aid


Financial aid is one of the main tools used by the Walloon region to achieve its goals in terms of technological research, development and innovation.

Within the context of aid for research, development and innovation, the debt report is the document used to inform the administration of expenses incurred during a given period of time and a specific research agreement.  

As the expenses incurred differ depending on the research project that has been conducted, this section refers to co-funding aid.

Key points

You may return a debt report as long as you have first returned a technical report explaining the progress of the research for a given period of time.

In detail

Target audience – details

Any entity (company, research centre, institution) that has signed an aid agreement for research, development and innovation with the Walloon region.


These expenses are reported via the Euroges website. The complete procedure is outlined below.



Financial Management Department
Financial Management Directorate

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