Obtaining certification as a training centre for drivers transporting dangerous goods by road (ADR)


Are you a non-profit organisation, a training centre or an educational institute wanting to provide basic or specialised training courses for ADR drivers?

In Wallonia, you must be approved by the ADR-ADN unit of the SPW Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (SPW ARNE).

This mandatory certification authorises you to provide one or more initial or refresher ADR training courses.



As a training centre, you can apply to the ADR-ADN Unit for certification to conduct the following training courses:

  • Category I training: basic training, valid for package and bulk transport (containers, skips)
  • Category II training: specialisation in tanker transport
  • Category IV training: specialisation in the transport of liquid fuels



All except those in classes 1 (explosive materials and objects) and 7 (radioactive materials).

Contact the FPS Economy (see "Useful links") to obtain certification for class 1 (category III training).



  • Make sure you respect the different obligations (see "Conditions")
  • Consult the detailed step-by-step procedure

Key points


The validity period of the certification is not limited in time.

The certification application costs €1,000.  The annual fee is €250. A fee of €125 will be charged if you want to change your certification.

As soon as our services have certified your organisation, you can provide training courses for ADR drivers.

These courses must be announced to the ADR-ADN unit of the SPW ARNE one month in advance so that the unit can check them.

In detail

Target audience – details
  • ASBL
  • Training centre established by a competent authority
  • Educational institute established or approved by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation



You must be one of the following:

  • a private organisation created as a non-profit association (asbl)
  • a training centre created by a competent authority
  • an educational institute established or approved by the Wallonia-Brussels Federation
  • an official professional association


Adequate premises and equipment

You must have adequate infrastructure, including premises and grounds, as well as the necessary teaching materials to provide the courses for which certification is sought to groups of at least ten people.


Profiles of trainers

The trainer(s) must:

  • hold a valid training certificate covering at least the category of training (I, II and/or IV) for which the training is given,
  • have the necessary expertise

The trainer(s) providing practical training in first aid and incident/accident response must:

  • be at least 21 years old
  • have a clean criminal record
  • hold a valid European First Aid Certificate or another diploma that is at least equivalent



You must meet the following conditions after you receive your certification to ensure it is not withdrawn or suspended:

  • accept no more than 30 applicants per cycle
  • provide courses for which certification has been obtained exclusively on Belgian territory
  • inform the ADR-ADN unit of the SPW ARNE, at least one month in advance, of the date, place and language of the courses
  • keep an annual register in which the following information is recorded by serial number: the identity of the registered candidates, the date of registration, the dates of the lessons given, with the presence or absence of the candidates mentioned without gaps (a column must also be reserved for any observations)
  • keep this data for at least six years


  1. Collect the documents proving that you meet the requirements
  2. Complete and submit the application form and attachments
  3. Schedule an appointment with the ADR-ADN unit for the infrastructure inspection
  4. Obtain your certification within three months


1. Complete and submit the certification application form and the required attachments:

  • by email to adr.adn@spw.wallonie.be or
  • by registered mail to SPW ARNE - Department of Environment and Water - ADR-ADN unit - Avenue Prince de Liège n°15, 5100 Jambes

You can apply in French or German.

The documents to be provided with your application are:

  • a list of the course premises and grounds used for training in individual practical firefighting exercises (Appendix 1)
  • the list of names and descriptions (qualifications) of the trainers (Appendix 2)
  • a description of the available first aid training materials and the incident/accident response procedures (Appendix 3)
  • the training programme(s), specifying the subjects taught (Appendix 4). The minimum content of the programmes for the different training categories can be found in the appendix to the Royal Decree of 29 June 2003
  • the list of registration fees charged to participants (Appendix 5). This amount can only cover the expenses and costs generated by the training activity, and the data that led to its calculation can be sent on request to the SPW ARNE.

2. Once we receive your application, it is analysed and we contact you to quickly schedule an interview to inspect your infrastructure.

3. If your application is complete and you meet the requirements, you will be notified of your certification within three months of submitting your application.

4. A Ministerial Order is published in the Belgian Official Gazette and makes your certification official.



Your certification may be suspended or withdrawn if you fail to comply with the conditions and legislation in force.



You can submit an appeal to the Council of State.




Please contact the ADR-ADN unit of the SPW ARN for questions regarding your eligibility or for any dispute
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