Disputing the vehicle tax – road tax (TC), vehicle-registration tax (TMC) or mileage tax (PKM)


You want to dispute the payment notice that you have received for road tax, vehicle-registration tax or the eco-penalty, as well as the fine charged for the mileage tax.

Key points

Important: submitting a claim does not suspend the obligation to pay tax.

In detail

Target audience – details

Owner of a motor vehicle who wants to dispute the tax that has been applied to their vehicle


If a decision is made in your favour, you will be given a credit note for the overpaid tax and you will be reimbursed.


If you would like to dispute the amount claimed, you must submit a claim using the dispute form below. This can be filled in directly online.

If you use the paper version of the form, your claim must:

  • be written and signed by the taxpayer or their representative, who has a legal power of attorney. No claim may be validly accepted by telephone.
  • be addressed to SPW Finances, Avenue Gouverneur Bovesse 29 to 5100 Namur (ordinary mail) or by email to fiscalite.wallonie@spw.wallonie.be, for the attention of the director of litigation.

To be admissible, any dispute must:

  • arrive within 6 months at the latest, either from the date of your payment or the effective date of your tax notification;
  • be justified; the reasons for which the tax is disputed must be clearly outlined.



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