Applying for a financial incentive as a “self-employed individual” for signing your first sandwich training contract


As an independent trainer or training company, you have the option to apply for a financial incentive for concluding your first sandwich training contract with a trainee.

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Any natural or legal person subject to private or public law who has concluded their first sandwich training contract with a trainee.


To obtain the company incentive, the company must:

  • have obtained approval to train a trainee and actually pursue the profession relating to that approval; 
  • be listed with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises;
  • have its social security and tax obligations in order;
  • have concluded a sandwich training contract with the trainee;
  • not have any salaried employees at the time at which the sandwich training contract is signed;
  • train the trainee in a unit of an establishment located in the French-speaking Walloon Region; and
  • not, in the 5 years preceding the application, have concluded a sandwich training contract, a ‘middle-class’ apprenticeship contract, an industrial apprenticeship contract or a socio-professional integration agreement.

The independent entity may receive this incentive one time only, upon the conclusion of its first sandwich training contract with a young person.


The independent entity must submit an incentive application online via its personal account using the ad hoc form. The independent entity can check the progress of its application at any time by logging in to its personal account.



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