Getting an investment subsidy to develop haulage via waterways or railways


Integrate transport via waterway or railway into your logistics chain !

Wallonia issues investment allowances (30% for small and medium enterprises or 20% for large enterprises) for the development of haulage via waterways or railways.

In detail

Target audience – details

Manufacturers and handlers.


Manufacturers and handlers who want to submit an application for assistance can contact the Department for the Transport of Goods and Intermodality (DTIM) directly. It will help them to prepare the application, before submitting it to SPW Economy, Employment, Research for the desired follow-up.


This regional aid is capped at €500,000 per year. The main criteria to receive this is being able to increase your waterway or railway tonnage and to maintain it for a period of three years.

Eligible investments:

  • new equipment that is required for the transshipment of goods from/to waterways and/or railways (cranes, conveyor belts, transshipment facilities for liquid products, loading hoppers, etc.);
  • development of the infrastructure required for the transshipment of goods from/to waterways or railways;



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