Disposing of my inert waste


Inert waste does not decompose or burn and produces no physical, chemical or biological reaction that is capable of harming the environment. It mainly comes from the construction sector.

Examples of inert waste include demolition waste, bricks, gravel, stones, as well as slag, excavated material, ceramic waste and more.

There are several solutions for disposing of your inert waste:

  • disposing of it at an approved sorting-crushing centre in Wallonia (to produce recycled granulates)
  • taking it to a class-3 technical landfill centre (CET)
  • reclaiming it for earthworks (e.g. excavated material used for embankments or civil engineering, if approved and registered with the Soil and Waste Department).

Key points

  • You must register with the Soil and Waste Department to be able to reclaim your inert waste.
  • It is not a good idea to mix your inert waste and your common waste in the same container, as the disposal costs will be higher if they are mixed.



Sorting-crushing centres
Class-3 technical landfill centre (CET)
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